Q) Should I Pay anything to become a member? .

a)No. You need not pay to become a member. The member registration is absolutely free. Once you are registered with, Youcanavail special membership benefits.

Q) How can I register as a member?

a)Click on Login at home page.

Q) Is it compulsory to be registered as a member to order items ?

a)It is not compulsory. Non members can also do shopping by selecting the category and at the time of final order form, they will have to fill their name and Email Id. However, you will miss the special benefits availed by the registered members.

Q)What are the benefits available for registered members?

a)As a registered member, you can avail special membership benefits like My Photos Album, Order History, Occasion Reminders, Special Discounts and Schemes, News Letters and many more….



   Q. What is the contact number for customer support?

A. For India Call: +91- 9440633787

   Q. What are the operating times of customer support?

A. Customer support in India operates from 11 am-5 pm  working days

      Support  around the year, except  Sundays and Public Holidays


Q) How do I feel sure that you have correctly registered the order placed?

a)After you have placed the order, you will get an e-mail confirming each order registered with us. Please check your e-mail and if you want any correction, you are requested to get in touch with us. Other way is to avail our 24/7 live help (Chat service), and get in touch with our Customer support executive.

Q)Can I phone or Fax my Order?

a)NO, At present we are NOT accepting any orders By Phone or Fax.

Q)Can I send a card along with the gift?

a)All gifts are sent with a message card which is free. Just type in your message while placing your order and we will do the rest..

Q)Can I ask for a gift that is not shown in the site?

a)Yes. We can arrange for your choice of gift if the order is placed in advance. You can ask for any gift item through our Customized orders section or through live help. Such specifications can be made by Email or through Live Help.

Q)How can I track my orders? 

a)Login as a member and click on order history . Here, Order Search option is available. You can select the Order No from the list and get the details of that particular order.

Q)How many days in advance should I place the order?

For Perishable items: This service will starts soon.

For Non Perishable items: Kindly check in the Product Description section for each product. .



Q)If I order from places other than US, how will I be charged?

a)Though the prices mentioned in our site are in US dollars, you will be charged in your local currency equivalent to the value mentioned in US$. It will be automatically calculated as per the prevailing rates .

Q) is the Refund Policy?

a)If there is any manufacturing default only

Q)Damaged or Wrongly Shipped Items. :

a)Non-Perishable: In case of damaged or wrongly shipped items, the request for exchange should be submitted within 3 days of the delivery date. These items can be Replaced if the customer wishes to do so, or refund is made, if such instance is notified within 3 days of delivery date.
Perishable Items: In case of perishable items like cakes, flowers, chocolates and sweets refund will be entertained only if they are wrongly shipped. While we take utmost care to ship items without any damages, sometimes, it may get slightly damaged, when distance is more or out-of-station deliveries for items like Cakes.

Q)Refund for non-delivery of Items :

a)Non-Perishable Items: In case of missed/non-delivery of non-perishable items, due to the Non-Availability of the recipient, the order will be repeated once more after the stipulated day. If the item cannot be delivered after 2 attempts, then the refund for the same will be made.
Perishable Items: For delivery of cakes, flowers, Ice Creams, fruits and sweets the delivery of items will be attempted only once. Being perishable in nature, there will be no refund against such items.

Refund for non-delivery of Items :

Partial Refunds will be made in case of multiple goods being ordered and one/few items amongst that list is/are not delivered. In such cases, customers get refund only against non-executed deliveries.



Q. What are the Delivery Costs?

A. Vizag city local delivery charges Rs100

Vizag city limits delivery charges Rs150 (city limits:- Nad, Gajuwaka, Gopalpatnam, murlinagar,pendurthi, vepagunta, simhachalam, pmpalem, rushikonda, bhemili, Gitam university, vizag steelplant , kurmannapalem   )

Anakapalli vizayanagarm delivery charges Rs 300

Srikakulam city, Bobbili, Saluru, Parvathipuram  delivery charges Rs 350

   Q. What delivery times can I select?

A. As of now our delivery time starts 10 am to 7 pm , sundays and  public holidays optional with extra charge 20%

Q. What is the time for Midnight Deliveries for ocassions such as Birthdays, Anniversaries…etc ?

A. Midnight deliveries are normally done between 11.30 PM to 12.15 AM, most of the time we deliver accurate around 11.55 PM. Please make a not in Special Instructions box of the delivery time you would like us to follow.

Q. Where can I add delivery time when ordering?

A. You can add delivery time through ‘Special Instructions’ Box, while going through checkout process. We always do our best to deliver on time.

Q. How much notice should I give to arrange same day and midnight deliveries?

A. Depending on the product, we can deliver order within 6 hours. For same day and midnight deliveries we should receive your order before 5 PM IST. If there are any time restraints, our support team will contact you.



Q. Is it possible to arrange Early Morning delivery?

A. It is possible. For only vizag city local deliveries start around 7 AM, Please order as early as possible so we can ensure we have better control on delivery timings.

Q. Can cakes and/or flowers be delivered in 5 hours of placing an order?

A. Yes, we can deliver cakes and/or flowers in 5 hours, as long as delivery is within city limits. As soon the order is placed, please contact customer support to make them aware so they treat your order as a priority.

Q. Do you deliver to P.O. Boxes?

A. We do not deliver to P.O. Boxes.

Q. My delivery destination is not listed on the site. How can I found out if you deliver to a particular area?

A. Please contact customer support on +91- 9440633787 to check delivery destination.



Q. What payment methods are available?

A. You can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or through Bank Transfer.


Q. Do you accept Debit Cards instead of Credit Card payments?

A. Yes, our payment system accepts Debit Cards. You can enter your Debit Card details in place of Credit Card.


Q. Do you Accept Visa Debit Cards issued outside of India?

A. Yes



Q. What is the procedure to order an item from your website?

A. Order processing is very simple. Click on ‘Add to Cart’ beside the selected product which brings you to checkout process. You can either click on ‘Continue Shopping’ here to add more products or click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’ to order the selected item. From here on, you will be taken through the ordering process. You can pay online via credit or debit card.

Q. I want to select ‘Sugar free Cake’. Where can I do this?

A. You can request this through ‘Special Instructions’ box, while going through the checkout process.

Q. Where can I add additional notes while ordering?

A. You can add additional notes through ‘Special Instructions’ Box, while going through the checkout process.

Q. Where can I add delivery time when ordering?

A. You can add delivery time through ‘Special Instructions’ Box, while going through checkout process. We always do our best to deliver on time.

Q. What is the difference between shipping address and billing address?

A. Shipping Address is where the delivery needs to go to where as Billing Address is the address of the card holder.

Q. If the sender wants to stay anonymous when sending gifts, can this be done?

A. Yes, sender’s name can be taken of the delivery. This needs to be requested through ‘Special instructions’ box, while going through the Checkout process. However, sender’s name needs to be stated in the billing address otherwise payment will not be accepted.


Q. If you want to add something extra to the gifts or amend parts of the gift, for example change from 12 Roses to 20 in a combo, is this possible?

A. Yes, there may be some additional charges. Please contact customer support on +91 9440633787 to find out costs. Also this change of request needs to be added to the ‘Special Instructions’ box, while going through the checkout process.

Q. I have just completed my order, but order status is coming up as Processing/Pending. What does this mean?

A. The order has been received and is currently being processed. The order status will change once delivered. You should also have received a confirmation email confirming order has been received.

Q. How do I change order details after completing the order?

A. Firstly, please send an email to stating your order number as the subject of your email and contact customer support on +91- 9440633787 to ensure we have the change request on time.

Q. How can I cancel my order?

A. If we purchase items of your order, we could not cancel/refund. Please send email to stating your order number and advise cancellation as the subject of your mail. You can also contact customer support on +91- 9440633787 requesting cancellation. We will cancel order and arrange refund. (Note: Please try to give us minimum 48 Hours notice if you want to cancel the order. If we purchase Items of your order, we could not refund your amount.)

Q)Will I get confirmation of the delivery?     

a)We try to deliver items on time, on the delivery date specified by you. And the same is informed to you via Email within 24 hours after the delivery. At any case, if we are delayed, due to unforeseen weather conditions or strikes that cannot be overcome, it will be informed to you via Email.


Q)What if you don’t deliver or deliver late?

a)If you give us adequate time to process your order it will not be late. This can only happen due to forces beyond our control such as riots, transportation strikes and situations beyond our control. Another common reason this happens is when the recipient of the gift is not at home, or his/her address has changed. We will cooperate with you to rectify this situation if it does occur. Please note our maximum liability is the refund of the purchase price, if the fault is due to
Q) Would you accept and send the member any message from the recipient after the item is delivered?

a)The recipients can send a message to the sender. The message is conveyed to the sender via Email within 24 hours after delivery along with the confirmation of delivery.

Q) What happens if the recipient is not found even after so many tries?

a) The order is cancelled and the same is informed to the member via Email.

Q) What is the mode of delivery?

All the deliveries are made in person only to ensure delivery without any damages.

Q) From where do you procure the items?

a)We procure the Products from the vendors who are reputed to deliver the items with best quality.






Q. I am looking for a product which is not listed on your website. What can be done?

A. We are in the process of uploading new products to our website. However, we can customize orders depending on customer’s needs. You can send the image and description of the product to, we will try our best to arrange this item for you and quote the best available price.

Q. What is the meaning of cool cake?

A. Cool Cakes have more cream in it and is placed in the refrigerator left to cool down. This is why these types are called cool cakes. This type of cake must be delivered within 45 mins of being taken out of the refrigerator as otherwise it can melt. Cool Cakes can be delivered as long as it’s not too far from the city.

Q. Can you do ½ KG Cakes?

A. No, we deliver minimum 1 KG Cake.


Q) How secure are my credit card details?

a)We adopt latest version of SSL 3 (Secure Socket Layer) Technology with 128 bit encryption, to encrypt your credit card details to ensure highest security for the same .


Q) How secure is the personal information / recipient’s details/ Order details?

a)The Personal Information is not revealed to anyone. It is shared only in the process of delivery of the items.





All and any disputes related to shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Visakhaptnam, Andhra Pradesh,India courts only.


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